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About NTA


Preserve, maintain and propagate the heritage of the people of Telugu origin in Norway.


To establish a vibrant platform for Norway Telugu Community by collaborating, celebrating, sharing, serving and representing the values of our great community with the sole purpose of social gatherings, integration and service.
"Our motto is to promote Telugu culture, language, heritage and unity through events and service".


Support and promote literary, cultural, educational, social and community affairs of Telugu speaking people:
- Organize social and cultural events
- Support humanitarian causes
- Organize informative seminars to the Telugu community in order to help them in integrating into Norwegian society.
- Propagate and promote the use of Telugu Language for future generations
- Collaborate in the organization of charity events/work in Norway and abroad.

*** తెలుగు జాతి మనది, నిండుగ వెలుగు జాతి మనది ***